Introducing Paws+, the revolution in pet care where unlimited consults are just the beginning. Dive into a realm where support for your four-legged family members knows no bounds. With Paws+, every visit reinforces the bridge to optimal health and happiness, promising you peace of mind like never before.


Plan Details

Unlimited Vet Consult1
Unlimited Nurse Consult 1
Annual Blood, Urine & Faecal Test 2
Annual Vaccinations 3
Selected Parasite Prevention
Anal Glands Expressions 4
Dietary Management & Advice
Behaviour Advice
Neutering Procedures
10% OFF
10% OFF
10% OFF
Dental Procedures
10% OFF
10% OFF
10% OFF
Royal Canin Food & Merchandise
10% OFF
10% OFF
20% OFF
10% OFF
10% OFF
10% OFF
£200 per year
£325 per year
£400 per year

1 Out-of-hours care not included
2 Does not include sedation or collection kit
3 Rabies vaccinations are excluded from the plan, and additional charges for repeating the
 vaccination course
4 Does not include sedation

Microchip implants, medications and additional tests and treatments are excluded from all the plans. Membership not transferable between clinics.Terms & conditions apply


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